I’m Falling In Love With OPERA

Hehe..yeah, the title of this post is TRUE. After a long time research and review that I conducted in order to find the best web browser my PC (It’s hard to find the right browser for because my PC is still low spec). I have tried to use IE (because this is the only web browser that I have) and then I used IE to download Mozilla Firefox, I am satisfied with firefox initially. But, Firefox made my PC slow down. But, I don’t give up yet, I tried to optimize firefox, but still can’t get the performance that I desired. Hmmm…and then I tried Google Chrome, after a few minutes of adaptation I’m getting used to this web browser, and still this browser made my PC slow down. Huaaaah!! T-T. Can I find a better solution for my PC?? Poor me..:(

And then one of my Blogging friend, Rigar told me (indirectly) to use Opera, I read his review about Opera 10+Turbo, and I am interested with Opera because it could compress the size of the web until 80% (that means less cost for my Internet bills :D ).

So, I decided to give it a try, and then, wow! What? What happened? Ugh, no, I haven’t download it yet, :D.

No, just kidding, hehe, I’ve download it and then tried to use OPERA (this is the first time on my life to use OPERA on my PC). And, Opera did not take a long time to open, and the best part is opera did not slow down my PC, it works well with my PC (Since the minimum requirements is low). Ah! Finally! Since that time I fell in love with my lovely Opera. One thing that I love very much at Opera is its fair-play. It is the single major browser with its home page empty. Firefox goes to Google, IE goes to MSN and Safari goes to Apple. But Opera goes to the user. (Eventhough I set it to Google at last :P).

But, unfortunately we have to be patient for a few moments ahead, because this Opera 10 is still in its Beta Versions. And this means still a lot of things that not perfectly completed. But, it’s no problem for me, I can still wait petiently for the final release, since I am already falling in love with you (not you! I mean Opera! :P ).

Wanna try?? Download Opera 10 Turbo.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you to activate the turbo all you have to do is click the Opera Turbo icon.

Gice it a try! Opera 10 + Turbo is worth to try!

Long Live OPERA!!! :D


Rigar said...

:)) :)] ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :(
Blogie.. Walker.. beraksi..
Hiaaa, ketular virus opera..

Rigar said...

Broo.. semedi yaaa :-t b-(, gak pernah mampir..

daniel said...

wah..bung, cara pasang gambar kayak gituan di postingan gimana caranya bung..
mohon ilmunya neh ... :-)

penguinkribo said...

@daniel, gmbr yg mana nieh?? Yang gambar "O" itu atau emoticons??

排骨酥May said...


Anonymous said...

I love Opera

Anonymous said...

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