BT BT ah...


Adsense itu maunya apa c??

Tiap di "tembak" ditolak mulu..sigh*..patah hati ni daku..

Padahal kan artikel English daku sudah cukup banyak : Kaya yang ini, ini, ini, terus yang ini, yang ini juga. Padahal selain itu juga masih ada postingan lain yang English.

Haduh...maunya apa sih??

Para master tolong donk! Siapa keq! Help me! sigh*

Sampai kapankah ku harus menunggu? -halah!- oh adsense...terimalah aku...hihi

Oia, bagi yang belum nyoba, cobain deh make Opera 10 + Turbo, saya aja puas makenya..hehe..coz Opera itu ringan di PC, jadi ya..coba aja ndiri..heu

I’m Falling In Love With OPERA

Hehe..yeah, the title of this post is TRUE. After a long time research and review that I conducted in order to find the best web browser my PC (It’s hard to find the right browser for because my PC is still low spec). I have tried to use IE (because this is the only web browser that I have) and then I used IE to download Mozilla Firefox, I am satisfied with firefox initially. But, Firefox made my PC slow down. But, I don’t give up yet, I tried to optimize firefox, but still can’t get the performance that I desired. Hmmm…and then I tried Google Chrome, after a few minutes of adaptation I’m getting used to this web browser, and still this browser made my PC slow down. Huaaaah!! T-T. Can I find a better solution for my PC?? Poor me..:(

And then one of my Blogging friend, Rigar told me (indirectly) to use Opera, I read his review about Opera 10+Turbo, and I am interested with Opera because it could compress the size of the web until 80% (that means less cost for my Internet bills :D ).

So, I decided to give it a try, and then, wow! What? What happened? Ugh, no, I haven’t download it yet, :D.

No, just kidding, hehe, I’ve download it and then tried to use OPERA (this is the first time on my life to use OPERA on my PC). And, Opera did not take a long time to open, and the best part is opera did not slow down my PC, it works well with my PC (Since the minimum requirements is low). Ah! Finally! Since that time I fell in love with my lovely Opera. One thing that I love very much at Opera is its fair-play. It is the single major browser with its home page empty. Firefox goes to Google, IE goes to MSN and Safari goes to Apple. But Opera goes to the user. (Eventhough I set it to Google at last :P).

But, unfortunately we have to be patient for a few moments ahead, because this Opera 10 is still in its Beta Versions. And this means still a lot of things that not perfectly completed. But, it’s no problem for me, I can still wait petiently for the final release, since I am already falling in love with you (not you! I mean Opera! :P ).

Wanna try?? Download Opera 10 Turbo.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you to activate the turbo all you have to do is click the Opera Turbo icon.

Gice it a try! Opera 10 + Turbo is worth to try!

Long Live OPERA!!! :D


Makes a High Quality Links

Every websites owner’s dream is (maybe) to get indexed and get ranked high by Google, acctually there are zillions of way to do this. But, almost all of them are too difficult to do.
To get ranked high by Google you need to do search engine optimization (SEO). SEO consumes lot of time and certainly needs efforts. But if you try to do SEO without any knowledge or experience, then you may end up by wasting your time with worthless non-working method.
So the best option is to hire a SEO specialist. But again there lies two problems. First one is that the SEO experts are too expensive and the second one is that there are lots of fake experts.
But at this stage you don’t have enough time to think creating link. Better you start doing link exchange campaign in the quality and niche relevant websites.
So you are wondering how to make quality links right? There are lots of options available to do this. One such method is to write articles and distribute them. You need write minmium 10 articles/day and you need to distribute it and spread it. This will be the best option for you if you are a good writer and have a fair amount of time to spend for this everyday. You can find many websites that provide this kind of service. Such as www.goarticles.com , www.articlebiz.com etc.

The main advantage of this is that it is free and already proved its worth. But there are certain things you need to remember while distributing an article. The most important thing is that your content should not be a duplicate content. Incase your articles is found to be duplicate by the search engine then your article will not be indexed by the search engine. Then you will not be getting back links through that article.
So your article needs to be unique for each directory you are submitting to. But the bitter truth about this article submission technique is that the article writing is really boring and hard to do on everyday basis.
Another option for link building is the link exchange directories. Here you need to have a good powerful script to add such directories into your website. Using that you need to track the entire link exchange. When you are using this technique you need to be more careful as the other webmaster might delete your link without any notification to you.
You can download a good link exchange directory script at phplinkdirectory.com. Since this is a very popular one it will not be much difficult for you to find a theme that suits the template of your website. Even if it doesn’t suit your website then you can easily find a person to modify the tpl and php files for you to suit your website. Have a look at this website as it will certainly help you to get good amount of back links. backlink-explained
Another idea to get back link is to have a link exchange partners. Even though the inbound links will help you to get good ranking you still need to pay attention to the sites you are linking to. You need to avoid websites that are of low design quality and the sites that are dealing with Viagra and other similar products. Always choose the websites that have good quality and good content and also make sure that it does not have more than a dozen outbound links in a page.
The link exchange involves lots of tricks and techniques. Let me share the details about the trick which I believe as the best. Create a new website or a blog and establish a link exchange directory on it. Then offer a 3 way links in it. I mean you add a link of a website on it and add the main website link to the website whose link is added to the new website. But make sure that you never add an outbound link to your main website. Please know that most of the webmasters have more number of sites. So never try to add all the eggs you have to a single basket.Well, have a nice try! :D

Optimalkan Firefox

20070306-firefox Firefox mungkin yang terbaik di dunia browser, tapi sejak versi 2, FF bukan yang tercepat maupun yang teroptimal. Peningkatan jumlah fitur menyebabkan system requirements luar biasa tinggi, belum lagi sering hang dan hilangnya data. Huh! Firefox yang menyebalkan!

Namun semua masalah pasti ada jalan keluarnya (tua mode on!). :D Saya akan memberikan beberapa tips untuk mengoptimalkan Firefox.

1).Prefetch: (hanya untuk WinXP) versi terbaru dari Firefox memakan waktu untuk startup. Dalam rangka untuk mengurangi waktu startup, kita dapat mengatur Windows XP untuk prefetch ke dalam memori Firefox. Caranya? Klik kanan pada Firefox shortcuts, dan tambahkan "/ Prefetch: 1" (tanpa tanda kutip) ke sasaran. Jika Firefox sudah terpasang di standar C: drive, maka target akan terlihat seperti ini: "C: Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe" / Prefetch: 1. Tweak ini adalah built-in untuk Vista.

2).About:Config: Anda dapat mengakses berbagai pengaturan dengan memasukkan about:config ke address bar. Jika Anda benci dengan kode, Anda dapat menginstal Configuration Mania, sebuah addon yang fungsinya sama. Berikut adalah beberapa tweaks untuk memulai.

  • Membatasi RAM Usage: Penggunaan RAM dapat mencapai 250 MB bila Anda memiliki beberapa tab terbuka. Dalam about: config filter, masukkan browser.cache.disk.capacity atau browser.cache.memory.capacity (salah satu dari mereka bekerja). Klik dua kali nilai yang muncul, dan memasukkan nilai 5000 bagi anda dengan 512 MB atau kurang memori. Masukkan nilai 15.000 untuk memori 512MB ke 1 GB.
  • Menonaktifkan prefetch: FItur prefetching link mengganggu  menjadikannya sumber berbelit. Masukkan netwok.prefetch-next dan ubah nilainya menjadi FALSE.

3).Mengubah pilihan mengingat tab. Jika anda telah menyetting firefox untuk mengingat tab dan membukanya saat firefox mulai, maka settingan ini dapat merubah kecepatan startup firefox menjadi jauh lebih cepat Buka Tools > Options, lalu ubah “When Firefox starts:” to “Show a blank page”.

4).Install fasterfox addons untuk tweak berbagai pengaturan.


Untuk saat ini hanya segini tips yang dapat saya berikan, untuk tips tentang Firefox yang selanjutnya tunggu aja yah! :D

Tips tentang Opera, Google Chrome, maupun IE dan browser lainnya Insya Allah nanti saya posting juga.

Selamat Mencoba!


SEO Siapakah Gerangan Dirimu??

SEO oh SEO...
Siapakah gerangan dirimu?

haha...udah kaya bait lagu aja ya? Yauda deh, baca aja artikel ini untuk tambah pengetahuan tentang SEO.

Pa patah mengatakan "Tak kenal maka kenalan", eh bukan ding, apa ya? Saya lupa..Bentar saya cari di google dulu. :P
Nah! Pepatah mengatakan bahwa sesungguhnya kemerdekaan itu ialah hak segala bangsa (Nah lho? Ngaco lagi).
"Mas serius donk!"
Eh, iya mas..hehe..
Tak kenal maka tak sayang, makanya kenalan dulu nih sama yang namanya SEO.

Istilah “search engine optimization” pertama kali digunakan pada 26 Juli tahun 1997 oleh sebuah pesan spam yang diposting di Usenet. Pada periode tersebut algoritma mesin pencari belum terlalu kompleks sehingga mudah dimanipulasi.

Versi awal algoritma pencarian didasarkan sepenuhnya pada informasi yang disediakan oleh webmaster melalui meta tag pada kode html situs web mereka. Meta tag menyediakan informasi tentang konten yang terkandung pada suatu halaman web dengan serangkaian katakunci (keyword). Sebagian webmaster melakukan manipulasi dengan cara menuliskan katakunci yang tidak sesuai dengan konten situs yang sesungguhnya, sehingga mesin pencari salah menempatkan dan memeringkat situs tersebut. Hal ini menyebabkan hasil pencarian menjadi tidak akurat dan menimbulkan kerugian baik bagi mesin pencari maupun bagi pengguna internet yang mengharapkan informasi yang relevan dan berkualitas.

Larry Page dan Sergey Brin, dua mahasiswa doktoral ilmu komputer Universitas Stanford, berusaha mengatasi permasalahan tersebut dengan membangun Backrub, sebuah mesin pencari yang sepenuhnya mengandalkan algoritma matematis untuk memeringkat halaman web. Algoritma tersebut, yang dinamakan PageRank, merupakan nilai fungsi matematis yang kompleks dari kombinasi antara perhitungan jumlah link yang mengarah pada suatu halaman web dengan analisis atas bobot masing-masing link tersebut, dengan skala antara 1–10. Berdasarkan prinsip kerja PageRank, secara umum bisa dikatakan bahwa halaman web yang memperoleh peringkat tinggi adalah halaman web yang banyak di-link oleh halaman web lain. Nilai PageRank juga akan semakin tinggi apabila halaman web yang mengarah kepadanya juga memiliki peringkat yang tinggi.

Udah cukup kenalannya, sekarang masuk ke topik intinya.

Berikut akan saya beberkan sedikit tips mengenai SEO :

  • Keyword Research, hal ini merupakan dasar dari SEO, hal yang paling penting adalah untuk mencari keyword yang tepat yang dapat mewakilkan isi dari situs/blog anda. Anda dapat mencari keyword yang tepat untuk situs anda melalui situs ini Wordtracker atau dapat juga menggunakan Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool.
  • Title Tag Optimization, atau pengoptimalan label judul. Title tag sebaiknya berisi mengenai penjelasan singkat mengenai situs anda, dan sebaiknya penjelasan ini dibuat seunik mungkin dan berbeda pada setiap halaman. Saran saya yaitu, usahakan penjelasan singkat ini tidak lebih dari 60 karakter.
  • Optimalkan isi halaman, sedikit hal yang mengejutkan yaitu, situs yang mengandung banyak animasi flash, gambar lebih sulit untuk terindex ke dalam mesin pencari. Optimalkan isi halaman dengan memasukkan keyword ke dalam halaman anda. Sebagai contoh anda mungkin dapat memulai kalimat dengan keyword yang anda buat, hal ini akan memudahkan search engine spider untuk melakukan pengindexan.
  • Sebaiknya, bagian heading berisi dengan keyword yang mewakili seluruh isi dari halaman anda. Karena search engine menganggap heading merupakan cerminan (jah..bahasa apa ini) dari sebuah halaman situs.
  • Jika situs anda menyediakan layanan download atau yang lainnya, maka usahakan file tersebut juga memiliki hubungan dengan keyword situs anda.
  • Optimalkan Meta Tag anda! Meta tag menjelaskan mengenai isi dari web anda. Usahakan agar meta tag tidak lebih dari 150 karakter.
  • Bangun Link popularitas. Karena semakin banyak jumlah link berarti kemungkingan untuk website kita dapat menduduki peringkat atas di search engine semakin besar.

Sebenarnya hampir semua hal kecil diperhatkan demi mendapatkan page rank yang tinggi, namun hal itu terlalu sulit untuk dilakukan. Lakukan semua yang anda bisa, dan pelajari yang anda tidak bisa, jadi semuanya bisa anda lakukan. (Ciaelah...kata mutiara nih ceritanya)

Ah...saya rasa sudah cukup tips SEOnya.
Apa? Masih kurang puas? Nih, download ebook 101 SEO tips di sini.
Mau mempelajari tentang SEO lebih dalam? Baca yang satu ini. Atau yang ini juga boleh.

Info lanjut tentang SEO ada di sini.

Oke deh, selamat mempraktekan!



Let says Google is a know-everything machine, but, do you ever wondered what do Google thinks or knows about a name or something, maybe places, goods, etc.

You can find out what Google thinks about anything.

Check Googlism here www.googlism.com


Googlism.com will find out what Google.com thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms below.”

The quoted text above is the headline of googlism.com

But, don’t be surprised if you get a “bad” result about someone or something.

Just check it out and be relaxed.

I don’t really know what is the creating purpose of this web, but I think they have a harsh sense of humor. :D .

The other meaning of Googlism

The other meaning of googlism is a religion who was founded by Matt MacPherson who lives in Ontario. Googlism worships Google as a “GOD”. And they even have nine proof to prove that Google is a God! And the other thought of Googlism is, Google is a woman, read their FAQ about this.

Oh ya, I almost forgot to tell you, they even have “The 10 Commandments of Google”.the_church_of_google

Here’s the ten Commandments :

  1. Thou shalt have no other Search Engine before me, neither Yahoo nor Lycos, AltaVista nor Metacrawler. Thou shalt worship only me, and come to Google only for answers.
  2. Thou shalt not build thy own commercial-free Search Engine, for I am a jealous Engine, bringing law suits and plagues against the fathers of the children unto the third and fourth generations.
  3. Thou shalt not use Google as a verb to mean the use of any lesser Search Engine.
  4. Thou shalt remember each passing day and use thy time as an opportunity to gain knowledge of the unknown.
  5. Thou shalt honor thy fellow humans, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race, for each has invaluable experience and knowledge to contribute toward humankind.
  6. Thou shalt not misspell whilst praying to me.
  7. Thou shalt not hotlink.
  8. Thou shalt not plagiarise or take undue credit for other's work.
  9. Thou shalt not use reciprocal links nor link farms, for I am a vengeful but fair engine and will diminish thy PageRank. The Google Dance shall cometh.
  10. Thou shalt not manipulate Search Results. Search Engine Optimization is but the work of Microsoft.

And you know what? They do have their own celebration day! This is not funny anymore.

Check (stop) all of this insanity here www.thechurchofgoogle.com

SEO Tips

If you are a webmaster who is keen to enhance the traffic of your site then here are some great tips for you…

The Internet is among the most popular mediums for increasing the level of exposure of a company or organization. One of the most important areas that you must focus on during the development of the webpage is the title tag of the page, which is very powerful. Ideally the title should have the exact keyword or keywords that are used in the webpage and every web page must have a different title tag. The ALT tags of your images must also contain the main keyword(s) which will give a description of the web picture even when the picture cannot be viewed by the visitor.

There are certain tricks of the trade that you must adopt to find yourself in the first page of the search engines when the viewer enters key words. Search engine optimization is a very powerful marketing tool if maintained efficiently. The logic behind the whole process is that with greater search engine optimization, the greater the visibility of the company. It is well know that the main function of advertising is to make your brand visible to the prospective market. Search engine optimization can do wonders for all types of business. Keywords play a very important role in the mechanism of search engine optimization. Proper use of keywords will ensure that you have high search engine rankings. Try to include the keyword in the first and the last line of the web page. The keyword density should be around 5% to 20%. One must also ensure that the web pages are not very heavy because it makes the navigation process very slow. Slow speed can be a great turn off for the visitors.

Another extremely important thing that must be kept in mind is to create links from other websites. This is very significant because most search engines do not consider websites if they do not have high quality links pointing at them. If you can create links with other websites with proper keywords, your search engine rankings will increase. While accepting a request for a link exchange, do not forget to thoroughly research the linking website before agreeing. The important thing here is to make sure the linking website is relevant to your own and is clean, reputable website.

Enrich your website with various content and themes because they are greatly recognized by search engines. Maintain a word limit of 200 to 500 words for each web page because since this will make the page much more user friendly and most of the visitors do not want to go through a lot of details.

The most important aspect of website designing is that it reflect a clean, professional image. If this criteria is met, it will receive due attention. The pages must be designed in such a way so that the visitors can navigate easily through all the web content and understand exactly what it is you are offering.

At www.isellpagerank.com one can get the best services related to search engine optimization. In today's world it is a must to have properly optimized websites and the SEO packages that isellpagerank.com offer are all encompassing in nature. They include website analysis and review, in depth keyword analysis, professional title, Meta and alt tags, Google, MSN and Yahoo site map creation and submission, website ranking reports and much more. And the best part about it is the one time payment SEO package for a reasonable amount of $325.


Legalkan Pembajakan!

Well, tadi pagi, salah satu teman saya mendengarkan satu lagu dari handphone'a, lagu baru kata'a sih, dan teman saya yang lain (sebut saja Essa) datang menghampiri teman saya yang mendengarkan lagu itu, dan apa yang terjadi? Tanpa perasaan bersalah Essa mentransfer lagu itu melalui "Bluetooth", sekilas mungkin kita sering mempraktekannya (jika anda bilang tidak, maka jangan pernah mendownload lagu, foto, video, dll dari internet) namun, apakah hal ini legal?? Bukankah ini yang disebut dengan PEMBAJAKAN? Yang disebut sebagai musuh dari musisi?
Hey, tapi menurut saya musisi toh jadi terkenal karena lagu mereka dibajak, siapa sih yang mau beli CD berisi 10-12 lagu dengan harga RP.50.000,00 sementara tersedia CD dengan kualitas menyaingi dan berisi hampir 200 lagu dengan harga Rp.5000,00!!! Well, mungkin ada yang rela (karena gengsi) membeli yang original, tetapi orang itu bukan saya, dan saya tahu kebanyakan masyarakat Dunia (oke, Indonesia aja deh) juga tidak mau membelinya.

Tetapi, kenapa mereka secara terang-terangan dan innocently melakukan praktek pembajakan? Jawaban'a ya ada satu, karena ada FASILITAS untuk melakukannya seperti CDRW, Flashdisk, Bluetooth, Infrared, dsb. Kalau memang mau meng-ilegalkan pembajakan maka yang harus dilakukan adalah JANGAN PERNAH MEMBUAT FASILITASNYA. Tetapi toh sekarang sudah terlanjur.

Maka, tindakan yang bijak adalah melegalkan pembajakan, karena dengan cara ini para musisi bisa mendapatkan keuntungan yang lebih, misal dari CD bajakan mereka juga nanti bisa mengambil untung, tidak masalah jika CD bajakan itu naik harga menjadi RP.10.000 per CD, toh masih lebih murah daripada Originalnya. Lagian pembajakan itu terlalu besar untuk dilawan, apalagi dihilangkan.

Hidup Pembajakan! Uppss, maksud saya, hidup musik Indonesia!


Chat Via Mobile Phone

Internet, this thing has spellbound so many people with its agvantages. This thing makes anyone who ever use it became addicted to this thing, internet makes you possible to keep in touch with your friends,families,etc.
Chatting is one of the most famous feature in internet, yahoo! messengger is one of the BIG BOSS in this feature. But, if you are kind of addicted to this thing, you may want to always connected to the internet via your PC.
But, the technology advancement has made it possible to us to chat via mobile phone, www.ebuddy.com/mobilebeta is one of the software you can install on your mobile phone. And, ebuddy can send an instant message to your friends who connected in their PC.

Have you aver heard about this one? How to spell it? it's spelled Mix It. This one is a company from South Africa, this is one of mobile chat software, they have their own room to chat. Download Mxit via your mobile phone at wap.mxit.co.za and Mxit even support instant messenger in PC.

Bing is another example of mobile chat software. Bing is pretty popular because it has so many feature. Bing can also connect to ICQ, MSN, etc. Download bing at www.bing.im

One of the biggest advantages of chatting via mobile phone is the low cost of GPRS, you may be able to chat for hours via your mobile phone with low cost.

So, tempted to install one of the software to your mobile phone??

Selamatkan Penguin!

Mari kita mulai artikel ini dengan sebuah pertanyaan sederhana, kenapa polar bear tidak pernah memakan penguin? Bacalah artikel ini, dan mungkin teman-teman akan menemukan jawabannya =D. Tapi, artikel ini bukan tentang itu, namun ini tentang kepunahan penguin. Mungkin tidak banyak dari kita yang tahu tentang kepunahan penguin. Well, mungkin teman-teman akan kaget mendengarnya, atau mungkin teman-teman sudah tahu. Tapi, bagi teman-teman yang belum mengetahuinya, silahkan baca artikel ini.
Dampak dari pemanasan global­­­, atau terkenal dengan nama global warming mulai terasa (sangat terasa) bagi sebagian orang yang menyadarinya dan peduli tentang ini. Baiklah, ya, saya tahu itu, tapi apa hubungannya dengan penguin?

William Fraser­­––ahli ekologi dari U.S.A––mengatakan bahwa pemanasan global menyebabkan terganggunya pola perkembangbiakan dari berbagai spesies penguin yang ada. Sebagai contoh, penguin adélie. Pada saat Fraser pertama kali berkunjung ke Palmer Station, Antarctica, Fraser mengatakan bahwa kita tidak bisa pergi kemanapun tanpa melihat ratusan bahkan ribuan penguin adélie. Tapi hal ini terjadi pada tahun 1974. Sedangkan pada saat ini, menurut sumber yang saya dapat, rasio perbandingan penguin adélie dengan manusia di daerah ini adalah 100 : 1. Apakah itu mengesankan? Tidak, kenapa? Karena populasi adélie penguin telah menyusut 80% dibandingkan tahun 1974! Fraser menambahkan bahwa adélie penguin terancam untuk punah dalam 8 tahun lagi! Dan mungkin, pada saat teman-teman sedang membaca artikel ini, populasi penguin adélie semakin menyusut dan kepunahan mereka semakin dekat.

Satu lagi data yang sangat mencengangkan yaitu, pada tahun 1974 teman-teman dapat menemukan sekitar 15.200 pasangan penguin adélie yang berkembang biak. Dan pada tahun 2003, kita hanya dapat menemukan sekitar 5.635. Sedangkan pada saat ini, para ilmuwan hanya dapat menemukan sekitar 3.393 pasangan yang berkembang biak, menyedihkan bukan?
Akankah kita biarkan ini berlangsung? Jika kita membiarkan ini terus berlangsung, maka bukan tidak mungkin lagi kalau 8 tahun lagi kita hanya dapat menemukan penguin sebagai sebuah patung di museum. Inikah yang kita inginkan? Jawabannya ada di tangan teman-teman. Care for the penguin, save them!

Oia, terima kasih telah membaca artikel ini, seperti janji saya, maka saya akan memberi jawaban dari pertanyaan di awal artikel ini. Jawabannya adalah, karena mereka tidak pernah bertemu. Kenapa? Karena penguin hidup di kutub selatan, dan polar bear hidup di kutub utara =P. Kecuali polar bear punya cukup uang untuk mengimport penguin dari kutub selatan. LOL.
Semoga artikel ini berguna bagi yang membaca dan yang belum, semoga baca =D.

––Bintang Pamungkas––

Promosikan Web/Blog mu!

Pepatah mengatakan "Traffic adalah nyawa dari suatu blog/web" (pepatah macam apa ini).
Baiklah, apapun itu, jika anda setuju dengan pepatah ini maka promosikanlah web anda.

Ada banyak cara untuk promosi online, mulai dari iklan baris gratis dan berbayar, lewat milis, dsb. Tapi jika anda pernah menggunaka fasilitas promosi online tadi maka anda pasti mengerti bahwa melakukannya membutuhkan ketekunan dengan waktu yang sedikit lama (Lama banget).

Nah, saat ini, sudah ada banyak website yang menawarkan promosi hanya dengan 1 klik, salah satunya adalah kirimiklan.com.

Web ini sangat efektif sebagai sarana promosi anda, banyak fitur yang ditwarkan.
Segera cek www.kirimiklan .com !

Promosikan Web/Blog-mu!!


Consider Freelance Writing as a Way to Make Money by Anne-Marie Ronsen

Writing is a skill that can be learned, developed and honed.
You may want to consider freelance writing as a way to make a good living from home.
Freelance writers write anything from newspaper columns to web content and even ebooks.

Getting Started
Before you go looking for freelance jobs, you should build up a portfolio of articles. You can write for your own website or blog, offer to write free articles for friends, or contact your local paper about writing a column for them. Work on some articles that you can use as samples of your work and build a list of references for your potential clients to contact.

Where To Find Potential Clients
The next step will be finding potential clients. You can visit some of the big freelance sites like elance and bid on projects. It is also a good idea to set up a website that showcases some of your writing, tells a little about you and your area of expertise, and of course you will have your contact information on the site. You may also want to consider adding a blog to your site. It's an easy way to add articles, short tips and any other writings to your site on an ongoing basis.
Networking is another great way to find work. Think about friends, former colleagues, bosses and clients that would be interested in having some writing done and call them up. As you start building your own client base, ask for referrals. Do you know someone that successfully freelances now? Ask them for advice on getting started and spend some time with them. They may refer clients to you that they don't have time for. Do the same for other freelancers if you are contacted with a project you can't handle.
Many magazines will accept freelance work. Keep a spreadsheet with names and addresses of the editors of the various publications and pitch story ideas on a regular basis. It can be tough to get a foot in the door with magazines, but once you start getting published it will become easier and in many cases more lucrative.

Getting Paid
How much you will get paid will largely depend on the size of the project and how involved it is. Short articles on general topics that don't require research may pay as little as $5.00 a piece while doing research for and writing an ebook may bring you several hundred dollars.
 If you love writing about a variety of topics, I encourage you to give freelance writing a try. It's a great way to do what you love and stay home with the kids at the same time. The main key to becoming a successful freelance writer is to practice writing all the time, whether you get paid for it or not. Just get out a pen and paper, or open you favorite text editor and start writing.
Some freelancers hesitate to ask for referrals because they feel it is unprofessional. They feel asking for referrals is like asking for a favor. That is not the case. If you have faith in your ability to deliver good work you are actually helping your client because of your willingness to provide quality work to their friends or business associates. That will reflect well on them too. It is a two-way street.
Write with meaning; write with truth and skill. Write because you must, not as a path to riches and stardom. It may come; it may not.
The real writers (beginner and pro) don't talk about it; they do it. Be one of those.
NEVER STOP WRITING. Don't make publication of your work the ends and means for your writing. Write because you love to write!

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17 Tips To Get Traffic

The quality of you online career (poor ,or good) can be determined by the number of visitors. here is 18 ways to attract visitors to your website.

1. SEO

Search engine optmization is the best way ever and the most efficient way ,not only because its totally free but because it sends you thousands of visitors every month ,big sites always consider this point about search engines so it will improve their status ,all of the visitor-attraction methods only bring 50% of visitors who enter your website the other %50 of visitors come from search engines ,SEO is worth of 1000 other visitor attraction methods ,one of its advantages that it is totally free and doesn't require you to put any codes in your site or something ,it's all just tactics should be considered when creating your website and also when it's online ,the only disadvantage of it that it might take some time in the beginning of any website and you can't see visitors just falling from the sky ,so it takes some time.

2. Pay-per-click

Almost all search engines offer Pay-Per-Click service and it's more than great way of marketing and also economical as you can determine the cost of click ,like in adwords ,and also got a great feature and that's defining the field of interest so you have a higher rate of sales of your products or affiliation products.

3. Text links exchange

Text links exchange is a great way to increase the number of visitors specially when you exchange with a site which is in the same field ,also it doesn't only get you visitors but increase your position in the search engine page result ,and that also lead to more visitors ,as you know the more sites that puts your URL in them the higher status you get in google or other search engines , you should take care of that point.

4. Articles Writing

Articles writing is a great free way to enhance your online business ,you can get alot of targeted customers in few days that way ,the point is to give out your articles to the biggest article publishers and directories because webmasters always search for high

quality articles to put in their websites and link to the original writer which increase your page rank and you get considered as an expert in that field.

5. Email list

It's one of the best ways to get visitors ,you can make an email list or offer a free book or a report and ask for opt-in emails so you can send them newsletters or updates.

6. Forums

You can discuss your own ideas in specialized forums and put your link in signature or include it in the posted articles in that forum ,that will lead some post viewers to your sites.

7. Free Gifts

Gifts are the best way to get visitors from everywhere ,the gift could be a software or a book or a free report you put in your website and distribute it in other forums and sites , in my opinion this is the best way i tried to attract visitors who really like the content of your websites ,also free gifts are always good and internet users are looking for them all time.

8. Social Networks

This is the new internet revolution ,web 2.0 now you can find books only for explaining how to get visitors from each websites ,a book on how to get visitors from myspace another one is how to get them from facebook ....and for being so important i devoted asection for this type only.

9. Photos Flickr
On flickr (belongs to yahoo) you can get visitors by uploading photos on flicker ,which will appear on search engines and lead visitors to the photos ,and through your membership page you can put link to your blog or site ,or simply write the name of your site on the images.

10. Social Bookmarking

The best way of showing the latest news or articles is the social bookmarking sites ,simply it's all a mouse click ,now you can add any article you like or a favourite site to a page that will be linked to your membership page either on del.icio.us or digg ,etc..

11. Yahoo!™ Answers

One of the main unused keys to get alot of visitors is Yahoo!™ answers ,you can go to any section, you can answer one or more of the questions ,then post your advices and words for the asking person ,and simply put the URL in the end in the response ,and the more sophisticated the answer is the more visitors you will get.

12. Yahoo!™ Groups

Yahoo!™ offers another great service which is also free ,Yahoo mail groups ,you can join groups that matches your site content and post topics in those groups ,and whenever you post a new topic in the groups it will be sent to the groups' members emails, and if you put in the end a link to your site it will be very attracting for visitors to click it.

13. Ebay

Don't be surprised you can actually get visitors from e-bay™ just put the URL of your site in every product you are selling besides some information about the product.

14. Blogwalking

The best way to get visitors is within the interactive replies to the other people's blog posts ,read this article well and send a reply mentioning your name and a link to your website in the end and you will see how many visitors will you get every day.

15. Directories

Add your site in a lot of directories, and don't forget to put it in the right section that increases the back links power and increase your position in search engine result.

16. Squidoo

Squidoo is the best place for e-marketers, that site gives you the power to put custom pages for your articles in it ,members in that site can view the article and also go to the original article URL.

17. Wikihow

You can get visitors to from Wikihow,there is a lot of questions in many fields in that site , and I assure you if you answered anyone and put a link in the end of your post, that person will most likely go to your website.