17 Tips To Get Traffic

The quality of you online career (poor ,or good) can be determined by the number of visitors. here is 18 ways to attract visitors to your website.

1. SEO

Search engine optmization is the best way ever and the most efficient way ,not only because its totally free but because it sends you thousands of visitors every month ,big sites always consider this point about search engines so it will improve their status ,all of the visitor-attraction methods only bring 50% of visitors who enter your website the other %50 of visitors come from search engines ,SEO is worth of 1000 other visitor attraction methods ,one of its advantages that it is totally free and doesn't require you to put any codes in your site or something ,it's all just tactics should be considered when creating your website and also when it's online ,the only disadvantage of it that it might take some time in the beginning of any website and you can't see visitors just falling from the sky ,so it takes some time.

2. Pay-per-click

Almost all search engines offer Pay-Per-Click service and it's more than great way of marketing and also economical as you can determine the cost of click ,like in adwords ,and also got a great feature and that's defining the field of interest so you have a higher rate of sales of your products or affiliation products.

3. Text links exchange

Text links exchange is a great way to increase the number of visitors specially when you exchange with a site which is in the same field ,also it doesn't only get you visitors but increase your position in the search engine page result ,and that also lead to more visitors ,as you know the more sites that puts your URL in them the higher status you get in google or other search engines , you should take care of that point.

4. Articles Writing

Articles writing is a great free way to enhance your online business ,you can get alot of targeted customers in few days that way ,the point is to give out your articles to the biggest article publishers and directories because webmasters always search for high

quality articles to put in their websites and link to the original writer which increase your page rank and you get considered as an expert in that field.

5. Email list

It's one of the best ways to get visitors ,you can make an email list or offer a free book or a report and ask for opt-in emails so you can send them newsletters or updates.

6. Forums

You can discuss your own ideas in specialized forums and put your link in signature or include it in the posted articles in that forum ,that will lead some post viewers to your sites.

7. Free Gifts

Gifts are the best way to get visitors from everywhere ,the gift could be a software or a book or a free report you put in your website and distribute it in other forums and sites , in my opinion this is the best way i tried to attract visitors who really like the content of your websites ,also free gifts are always good and internet users are looking for them all time.

8. Social Networks

This is the new internet revolution ,web 2.0 now you can find books only for explaining how to get visitors from each websites ,a book on how to get visitors from myspace another one is how to get them from facebook ....and for being so important i devoted asection for this type only.

9. Photos Flickr
On flickr (belongs to yahoo) you can get visitors by uploading photos on flicker ,which will appear on search engines and lead visitors to the photos ,and through your membership page you can put link to your blog or site ,or simply write the name of your site on the images.

10. Social Bookmarking

The best way of showing the latest news or articles is the social bookmarking sites ,simply it's all a mouse click ,now you can add any article you like or a favourite site to a page that will be linked to your membership page either on del.icio.us or digg ,etc..

11. Yahoo!™ Answers

One of the main unused keys to get alot of visitors is Yahoo!™ answers ,you can go to any section, you can answer one or more of the questions ,then post your advices and words for the asking person ,and simply put the URL in the end in the response ,and the more sophisticated the answer is the more visitors you will get.

12. Yahoo!™ Groups

Yahoo!™ offers another great service which is also free ,Yahoo mail groups ,you can join groups that matches your site content and post topics in those groups ,and whenever you post a new topic in the groups it will be sent to the groups' members emails, and if you put in the end a link to your site it will be very attracting for visitors to click it.

13. Ebay

Don't be surprised you can actually get visitors from e-bay™ just put the URL of your site in every product you are selling besides some information about the product.

14. Blogwalking

The best way to get visitors is within the interactive replies to the other people's blog posts ,read this article well and send a reply mentioning your name and a link to your website in the end and you will see how many visitors will you get every day.

15. Directories

Add your site in a lot of directories, and don't forget to put it in the right section that increases the back links power and increase your position in search engine result.

16. Squidoo

Squidoo is the best place for e-marketers, that site gives you the power to put custom pages for your articles in it ,members in that site can view the article and also go to the original article URL.

17. Wikihow

You can get visitors to from Wikihow,there is a lot of questions in many fields in that site , and I assure you if you answered anyone and put a link in the end of your post, that person will most likely go to your website.


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